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Monday, October 4, 2010

Not a Tear

I walked alone today
Turned the metal off for a while...
Just walked for a while
To listen to the silence I so fear
Crunch of gravel under my feet
I started to wonder
Who would cry, when it's my time to go?
Will there be lose that mourn me?
Sorrow and grief?
Somewhere I know deep inside
Each of us wonder the same thing
Here's how I picture my funeral
A soundless, barren progression
So few stare with blank eyes
At someone who there but they never knew
Deceased, can you see through my painted face?
Organs that do not function
Heart that does not beat
The blessing that welcomed me from pain
You don't know half of what I am
& never will
Will you shed a tear or two?
On my deathbed when it's empty of feeling?
Nobody in life to care.

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