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Thursday, July 21, 2011

Let us meet in a dream

I do not know you my love
In the future perhaps, but that future is distant
Yet I love you with all my heart
My everlasting soul
In death I hope I find you
In life I hope I meet you
If God part us, we will make a new castle in the sky
The evil will be there but it will be our own
I will pray for you, I will never truly sleep until you are beside me
Until we meet again.
You twist my mind, play your games
You play with my fears, my hope, loves, dreams
You play every card but the one I hold
I hold it in a sweating palm
I am shaking my nerves are unbearable
Like this life that compresses my soul
Deflates my will
For I am shaped by the will of many
Who look at my bare soul and giggle.

Hopeless Dreamer

Where the forest grows thick, she softens with dreams
Pretty poetry of innocent things
The roses blooming, the summer rain
But inside she knows a vast pain
The agony of knowing and being and seeing
Of being reborn into darkness
Smothering growth, fragrant decay
She knows not the suffering of her mother, the silence of father
Death is growing like a white rose
Stained with the blood of a past she would like to murder.

Love is like death

It creeps up on you
Or bam! It hits you and you are never the same
I thought love would be beautiful
But now a see a power struggle game
If I lose I'll never be free
Always stuck in the hold of thee
You thought you thought that I was special
Did you see yourself when you looked at me
What do you want, need, feel for love?
I never knew
I wish I knew
God help me, they stole my love from me
Now his body will be spirit
His heart black
Everything will be death
In the eternal song of blackened earth
Forever night
Bring him back to me...

Loved and lost

Within hell, do demons love?
Or is their only passion hate?
Are pain and passion, love and hate all one?
United in spirit, in song
I believed in love once, free from hate from fear
Now I'm not so sure
There is darkness in sunlight 
The moonlight makes the night bright
Nothing I have thought I saw, felt, heard or thought was real is
The dawn is not the beginning 
It is the end
Of an uncertain destiny.

Worse than death

Some fear death
To the marrow of their bones, the pit of their souls
But I believe there are things more horrible, more real right in front of us
You think you are going to hell?
Aren't you living in it?
The suffering, the pain
We walk with eyes closed
At horror all around us
The pain that shapes us as we were clay
Until death comes and takes us away.