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Monday, October 4, 2010

Leave me to the fire

I dance away the stars above
The earth that is beneath, yet no longer mine
Can I hear him sigh?
A world away
Acts that separate us, destroying our love for one another
I say goodbye, manically 
A touch of sorrow to embitter the madness
I am cursed by who I am
I lie to God, by simply living as I am
Accursed and white
A prophecy to fill, uttered by my father
The rebel child reborn
Into a colourless land
Taint my thoughts, kill me inside
This is what I am and I cannot hide
Can velvet cloak fear?
Music reflect the soul?
A golden-haired lover, when we were but children
I remember talking for hours
Blood is given and taken away
This world is not my own any longer
Dark creatures that still feel
Crazed sabbat to end it all
Dance into the eternal flame
Destroying all love and hate.

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