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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Girl in the mirror

Who is that girl in the mirror?
 Staring back at me.
 I see her wide, lonely eyes.
 I see her mousy brown hair.
 I see layers of make-up
 I see every flaw, and her desperate brown eyes.
 Crying for help.
 She begging, pleading, screaming silently in her soul.
 I know how that girl in the mirror feels.
 The pain she’s been in is real.
 She hasn’t eating in days.
She is starving herself.
 Striving to be set free.
 She wants to look like herself.
 And no one less.
 But she needs to fit in with everyone else.
 Her identity is lost.
 Her spirit too.
 For all she ever needed was a friend.
 Just a shoulder to cry on. A smile true.
 That’s all she would need to heal her heart.
 To set her spirit anew.

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