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Monday, October 4, 2010

The best years of your life

Breasts sore, skin itching
Hormonal acne and cliques
Peer pressure and academic struggles that bring you nowhere
Labeled by clothes you wear, the money your parents make
Security in conformity
Hear my voice in defiance
I don't need your trends, your style, your lies
Skinny and popular are the main goals
Healthy and intellectual goals, anyone?
Friendless, thoughtless can't survive
13 years to waste my life
Trying to care
Hold onto whats there
Nothing left, slipping through
The insults they slung at you
Fucking idiot, senseless whore
Useless slut, fat bitch
Ugly and pretty
Bleeding mystery in my panties
Am I dying?
I'd rather bleed to death than be here
Claustrophobia, the walls close in on you
The stale air that you breathe each day begins to suffocate
Teachers are pricks
These people that slam your uselessness in your face
Lonely inside
Outside does not reflect inside... not one bit
Rejected again, by boys
By those I called friends
No way to hide
I consider death with each new failure
If these are best days of your life...

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