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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Sleep tight, lost lover

He is a disease of the mind
My alternative self
He is a king in the netherworld
Everything that is not mine
Reach out your arms and never hold me
All the lies you have told me
Your burial, coffin is ready
Hurry my lover
Black roses are fading
The snow is falling upon the frozen ground
Frozen like my heart, like everything that we were
Accursed am I, perhaps for all time
Will I ever be free from this hell?
The body is a cage for the soul
My soul cries for the blood the earth soaked up
The earth ate your life force, and then you did gasp for breath
Before your eyelids fluttered one last time
You are not immortal to me
You are dead in my heart
My dark, frozen heart
Like the tundra up North
It wanders the frozen wasteland like a wolf
I hunt for you.

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