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Friday, September 2, 2011

September's Song

I never heard it
Even when she walked through my door
Leaves around me began to crumble
Fall like rain, like things that are dying slowly
Wither like my hopes and dreams
I closed my eyes in summer
Awakened to this
The nightmare cold I feel biting through the deceptive sunshine
The colours they are vibrant, but the edges decay
Through my kiss I soothe those little flowers, delicate and beautiful
Who die in a meadow near here
The river begins to bite, gone are the blessings of sun's warmth
Who sang a farewell in another life
All that's left are the notes
The echoes fills the wind, my restless heart will never be healed
Until my lover light comes back to me.

1 comment:

  1. Through the darkness it all falls.
    Love and sorrow blend and twirl.
    Through broken wings we may fly, when sorrows seem to fall from high.
    We may never truly be who were, are, or shouldn't be.

    Through trials and error we all stride.
    To gain the wings to fly so high.
    Hard to beat those broken wings.
    You try to fly to fall like me.

    You have much to learn little one. Do not worry I am here to show you why there is always light and darkness in each heart.