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Friday, September 2, 2011


What I thought I was
It seems was not me
But a reflection of the illusion surrounding
So I could never see
Within my deep, dark heart
I always knew
Yet I believed the lies
Thrown in my face
Lies to cover what I am, who I am
If I had only known
Lover and monster
Woman and child
Humanity released tight hands around me
This is more real than anything I ever knew
My body is changing
My soul is rearranging, now that I know
The reflection staring back is the vessel
And the soul is infinite 
From the dawn of time I have wandered
Separated from my sisters
In agony
In torment
Wandering... alone
If I close my eyes I find them in blackness
Never remembering her screams
Her chains around my ankles, wrist and neck
This isn't love, its sacrifice with no gain
This is my rebirth
Slashing claws
Shining scales
Lethal fangs
Hunger for all that is intellectually stimulating.
Bloody and barely breathing.

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