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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Dark of the moon

The dark of moon holds such mystery
A new beginning, a new day
A night sweeter than both
The wrongs of your past leave you
Just for tonight
Embrace the Dark Mother's promise
Her word on your soul
In your beating heart
For she is the drummer
Can you hear her moan?
Shed a tear, for your earthly suffering
In the cemetery- dead blood
In the earth, her home
Corpses lay, eternally in her hands
You cannot escape her
Fear as you do, darkness
Poetry in my words
She listens
To silently screaming souls
The darklings, the misfits
Goddess of the dark moon
Is that your hounds, baying in the distance?
Oh, the sound is so enlivening
Praise the blessings she gives forth
Dance away your cares
Sing to the velvety black skies
Live fearless of death.

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