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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Lost within

I walk the spirit land
Where dreams and reality collide
One is the other
The other is one
All is possible, in my own personal dreamworld
A forest where only the bravest wolves walk
I am all the things I could possibly imagine
This world that follows me, haunts me
The product of a dreaming soul
Under a river
They imprisoned her
She could do nothing but wait and stare
At all who passed
Green eyes that looked from a depth 
Of the prison that held her
Glittering eyes that begged to be set free
A million words spoken from thee
In silence...
The perfect pastel shimmer that trapped her
Blue in blue
One with the water
Translucent time
Water faery at her own demise
Becoming the rippling flow that holds her
For one thousand years
She waits for me
To set her free
Waiting maiden
I created her.

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