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Saturday, August 14, 2010


I know a wolf
She runs through the night
Heedless, thoughtless
Cunning, silent
The huntress
Hunter and hunted
The broken-heart
Tears falling under a full moon
Bathe her in silver light
Take away her pain
Of days past
When light burned her
Faith made her lose hope
Society made her rebel
Church made her drown in a sea of sins
That consumed her in guilt
Poisoned her with with self-loathing
Until she forgot herself
Dreams to black
Heart to shards
Dust to dust
Ash to ash
A woman and something more
Roams the night
Searching for those things she lost
Numbing herself
Losing herself
To the animal within
That wants to forget
The girl that cries
For dreams long forgotten
Humanity forsaken
& golden, pulsing love

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