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Thursday, August 5, 2010

raine wytch

I cast the spells
On the Her alter
I dance
I call her name
The cauldron stirs
My heart is black no more
I rise and fall
With her rhythm
I am enslaved by a beat
For she has opened my own heart
To see for a few moment as she sees
In relms so far, far away
Where man's eyes do not see
Except for when he betters himself
& remembers the Mother
The raine is falling
Pitter, patter on the ground
The seas of heaven 
Beneath my very feet
Is the Goddess crying for her lost children?
The brave, strong, wise, knowing
Are we all blind? 
Silver tears rain upon my cheeks
I cry too
For the agony of my short life
Many even for the ones before
I don't know anymore
The pain of being different
The pride of being set apart
Lies society told us
Scream in my ears
For what they are
Messages that we will never be complete
We are losing ourselves
So I cry my own tears
With the Goddess
Joy in release,
The only joy I know

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