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Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Children of the Moon

I hear your screams
Pierce the night
With changing skins...
Gasping for breath
The Children of the Moon
I know them in dreams
The silvery, tinkling laughter
Light the night
Howls in silence
Deafen logic
Blinded fear
Beyond the lights of civilization
Reality shines
Stars stare 
At wolven creatures who roam
Silent and swift
Cunning and courageous
Fur coat hiding humanity
Full moon dances
Claws, fangs, fur
The true self
No longer lost in silence
Do they see my moonlit tears?
My whimpering songs?
Oh, take me home
Where man's lights do not shine
From a living lie
A shattered illusion
I never believed in
From the first day
I walked these streets
I knew it wasn't truth
My eyes beheld
The soul cries
My own wolf
Claws under my skin
My soul is deafened
My  own bellowing prayers
At a sky that does not answer
A moon that is not mine

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