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Friday, September 24, 2010

Washed but not Clean

Alone in this filthy tub
I feel disgust and repulsion
The mold grows thick on the curtain
In those little corners, I'd rather ignore...
What I know my parents do in here
The chlorinated water irritates pink, sensitive skin
Chemicals purify only the mind
This is hell's water running over me in this rotting tub of decay
Hatred eats my insides like worms and maggots on a carcass
Everything I know is a lie
Western culture an ever-enduring illusion
With media suppressing us
We allow it to mask the desire of our hearts
Want, want
Need, need
Zombie-brained populace
2 countries that feed sickness and disease
Overseas men and women work for a dollar a day
Out of sight out of mind- no words of mine
We wallow in our greed
With incessant pride, for ancestors that were enduring, strong
Yet cruel
That's what I am- borne from barbarians
Oh this dirty tub
How I hate it
I could scrub it, scrub the whole world
& it would never be clean, pure or wholly sane.

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