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Monday, September 13, 2010

Carpe Corpus

Seize the corpse
Hold it in your arms
What is left, of what you love
Seize the corpse
It's the rest of you
Your other half
Carpe Corpus...
Seize the corpse
That is your mother, your father
Sister, brother, lover
Those you cannot awaken
Those you once wished to silence
Risen to rot
The voice of your logic
Assures you it cannot be
Your insanity just laughs
And laughs, and laughs
In the graveyard of sighs
Beyond the flowers that cheer the graves of your kin
You hear them sigh- trapped forever
Cold black earth-trapped in ice
You got your wish- finally
The silence is your's
In the graveyard of sighs
You imprisoned them here
Sweet forever, promised that fateful day
So bitter
So you visit her now, beneath the ground
Your fate not in her arms
But in a box, and nobody cares
Seize the corpse.

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