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Thursday, September 30, 2010


Life ain't all always beautiful
Not always fun and games
It's never what you expected
And you can never plan it
Your live isn't mapped out
Your destiny is in your hands
And you are in control of it
Sometimes only faith gets you though
Your dreams the guiding light
Sometimes you have to look for answers
And fight for what is right
I think that your heart is smarter than your mind
So listen to it for once
And start heading in the right direction.

You smile at me
through wrinkles and aging I see
The wisdom you have
And all that you share
Your love for me is so fare
Like a light August rain
You are beautiful
I love to have you in my life
I'm glad I'm here to say
I love you Grandma
Will you please stay?

Why are you even talking to me?
Oh my God, shut up
Don't say another word
I can't bare to hear your voice again
I know that you never cared.

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